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View our range of  Add-On Treatments & Enhancements that can be added to any facial/skincare treatment. Don’t forget to check out our monthly specials HERE!

Add-On Treatments & Enhancements for Your Skincare & Facial

Boost your experience by adding an enhancement to your facial (for an additional fee). Our Add-on Enhancements provide a variety of benefits for your skin and can be added to any facial. A single service becomes more of a spa experience when add-on treatments are included. 

led therapy facial skincare add on

LED Light Therapy

This cutting-edge anti-aging device is the new secret to youthful looking skin, and is sure to be a trend-setter. The LED mask will add quality and value to any facial experience. This mask features five distinctive colors: Blue, Green, Red, Cyan and Purple, all of which have their own proven unique benefits.

  • Blue Light (415nm) Eliminates acne causing bacteria, reduces acne blemishes helps with oily skin.
  • Green Light (525nm) Pigmentation issues, evens out skin complexions, helps to brighten dull skin that has lost its luster.
  • Red Light (630nm) Anti-aging. Helps combat wrinkles and increases Collagen production for smoother, younger looking skin. This light can penetrate deeper (8-10 MM) which can stimulate cells at this level that are responsible for collagen production.
  • Cyan Light (500nm) Rosacea. This light helps to calm and soothe irritated skin. Support in the reduction of swollen capillaries. Good as a gentle acne treatment.
  • Purple Light (425nm) Smokers skin. Cell Rejuvenation. Increases regeneration and renewal. Improves blood circulation, strengthens protein fibers and shrinks pores.
  • Stand alone treatment 20 min – $35.00
  • Add on to any treatment 20 min – $15.00
Give your beard the royal treatment at les jolies esthetic studio orlando fl

The Beard Treatment

A beard is an area of hair the holds a lot of bacteria and can cause dryness, redness and acne on the skin underneath. It’s very important to take the proper steps to ensure a healthy beard. Let us handle taking care of it for you! We start with a sage essential oil to break down debris in the beard, follow with a cleanse of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and lactic acid which further breaks down dead skin cells, kills bacteria and evens out skin tone.

We remove cleanser and all impurities with warm water and hot towels that relax and open up the pores for easy extractions that may be necessary. Afterwards we use high frequency to comb through the hair, killing bacteria and stimulating hair growth. To finalize the treatment we regulate the PH balance with a chamomile toner, then apply a Jamaican castor oil and polish with a beard butter to nourish and strengthen the follicle, stimulate hair growth and give that beard a healthy shine!

  • Stand alone treatment (30 min) – $45.00
  • Add on to any facial (30min) – $25.00

aromatherapy hot towels young living

Aromatherapy & Hot Towels

Aromatherapy & hot towels promote relaxation with essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers and fruits. Choose from one of our signature essential oil blends combined with hot towel compresses on face, neck, décolletage and shoulders to promote circulation and help relieve muscle tension and soreness. Essential oils are also added to steamer, diffuser and mask. Enjoy a personal mini-spa experience!
Just mention this add-on in your notes section when you book online or if you call mention it to our booking person so it can be provided with your treatment.

  • Add On: $10.00

Very professional, clean, and always on time. I have been taking my grandson to Josie for two years and she makes him feel comfortable and relaxed. His skin is so much better since coming to Josie.

Google Review, 7/11/2021

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