Permanent Makeup

most natural permanent makeup, microblading, scar camouflage

Get the most natural permanent makeup with us. Certified and licensed PMU and Microblading artist / expert, Marina Alavanja Alleyne combines her artistic background with current cosmetic medical practice to offer her natural-looking permanent makeup, microblading and scar camouflage.

Permanent Makeup & Microblading

We’ll help you to achieve your healthiest skin, address any concerns and give you customized products and treatment recommendations.


Microblading application techniques, corrective permanent makeup, full lip, eyeliner enhancement, eyebrow tattoo treatment.


Marina is able to help those needing scar camouflage or those recuperating from burns and various discolorations.

“Marina is amazing! We did microblading. I was missing hair in my eyebrows from years of over tweezing and she made it all better, now I have my shape back and I don’t have to use eyebrow creams/gels/liners to fill them in anymore. That takes 10 min off my morning routine. There was no pain, no discomfort at all, it was actually so relaxing that I fell asleep through most of it! They got a tad darker the second day and then they peeled a little bit for about 5 days (but not enough to be obvious) and after that they lightened up and they are perfect. We have one more session and I can’t wait! Thank you Marina!”

Google Review, 11/25/2019
happy women with mask and eyes patches on face

The gentle and careful approach of our staff is just as important as the personalization of our treatments.

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